Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy International Scrapbooking Day!.

Good Morning to all! I was really looking forward to participating in this day, but I have a family birthday to attend this afternoon.  I am hoping to take part later in the day, after the party is over.  I have completed a layout for my mother's 90th birthday party.
She turned 90 in September of 2009 and my brother and I planned a surprise party in the recreation room of the Hampton House (where she was living at the time).  My granddaughter, Nancy, arranged for a stripping gorilla to come.  Mom was a little embarrassed at first, but got into it when she realized the gorilla was not going to remove the gorilla suit.

My mother will be turning 94 in September of this year and is currently living in a nursing home.  I am hoping she will be like her father who lived to be 101. The moments we spend together are becoming increasingly important because I know the time will soon come when she is not here.


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